Auburn Baptist

Serving the Auburn community since 1888

We are a community of people, who by faith, follow Jesus, and seek to know Him more and more. In response to Jesus’ love for us, we seek to make Him known to others, and we give ourselves to Him in service to each other.

Our Vision
Living as Kingdom people, believers in Jesus, we are being transformed into His likeness through Christ centered-community.

Our Mission
To know Jesus and to make Him known

Accept all people, reach all people

Unite in Christ

Bring honour to God through our worship

Use our God-given gifts

Relate by serving each other and the community

Nurture each other

If you are a visitor we welcome you into our family and trust you will enjoy your time with us.

Our interim Sunday Service is currently held with Westmead Baptist Church at 10:30am (Suite 36/169 Hawkesbury Rd, Westmead) as we undergo a relaunch process.

There is one body, but it has many parts. But all its many parts make up one body. It is the same with Christ. We were all baptised by one Holy Spirit.

About Us

Auburn Baptist Church is undergoing a relaunch process in 2023-24.

We remain committed to the Auburn community and looking forward to renewed ministry soon.

For pastoral care needs, please contact our Pastor David Hames: 0428 313 823 or email

We are a member of the Auburn Christian Churches, Cumberland Connect for Christ, and also Holroyd Combined Churches.

Auburn Baptist Church Sewing Group

Wednesday 9:30am – 12:30pm

21 Harrow Road, Auburn

(Old Manse in front of Integricare Preschool)

Coordinator: Sharon McBride

Auburn Baptist Church Bible Study

Wednesday 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Online via Zoom

(Please email us for Zoom meeting link)

Coordinator: Pastor David Hames

Auburn Baptist Church is aware of the growing cost of living crisis, we have a list of food relief services available in the local area.

The Auburn Baptist Church facility is located at 16 Harrow Road, Auburn. We are unable to receive any venue hire requests at the moment.

Save the Date: Auburn Baptist Church will be holding a special Worship Service and Members Meeting on Sunday 3 March 2pm – 3:30pm at Auburn-Lidcombe Girl Guides Hall, Olympic Drive

Pastor's Message

Christmas is getting close isn’t it!
So what’s important to you at this time of year?
Christmas is a time when we get to celebrate Jesus birth and we can get together and enjoy one another, as we celebrate.

As we look at Christmas cards and Nativity sets and see the beautiful scenes of sheep and shepherds around the manger, it can be easy to see the Shepherds as honoured and special.
Yet at that first Christmas, in their society,
Shepherds were viewed as very, very ordinary.
I am so encouraged that God invited such ordinary people to be among the first witnesses of Jesus coming into this world. God saw them.

That’s kind of like us. We may not be leaders or famous or rich or powerful, but we too are seen by God. So, as we near Christmas, we can consider how some fairly ordinary people responded to Jesus’ Birthday.
Because God is interested in ordinary people.

Do you ever wonder if you’re good enough for God to really be interested in you?
If you ever do, then you might consider the Shepherds who attended Jesus’ birth.
You see, back when Jesus was born, Shepherds weren’t considered to be the best sort of people. They worked out in the fields, they often couldn’t make it to Temple – to church – and so they were looked down on quite a bit … and let’s face it, they usually smelt like sheep!

So here we have a group of people who were pretty ordinary and who were even looked down on by others; and yet God sends Angles to tell them that Jesus has been born.
And how do these ordinary blokes respond?
At first they were scared. I think I would be too, if an angel appeared and started talking to me!

After they got over their shock they talked with each other about what they’d heard. Then they did the most sensible and exciting thing possible – they went looking for Jesus. In fact, we read that they hurried off to find him:
And there Jesus was in Bethlehem – just as the Angel had told them.
And seeing was believing!
Then what? They celebrated and told everyone they met about Jesus.

How about us? What will you do with Jesus this Christmas?
Will you look for Him?
Will you celebrate His birth?
And will you tell everyone who will listen that God has given us this great gift of the birth of our Saviour Jesus at Christmas?
Will you choose to celebrate, glorifying and praising God this Christmas?

Merry Christmas!!!

May you be blessed as you celebrate Jesus this year.

Pastor David Hames

December 2023